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The term Opalite can be confusing and is often used to describe a rock containing small deposits of Opal. The name is also sometimes used to describe impure examples of Opal. However, the Opalite we are referring to here is the beautiful, softly pearlescent, manufactured Opalite. This Opalite is also sometimes called Sea Opal. Although this Opalite is a man-made 'crystal', it still, nevertheless, holds plenty of beneficial properties.

Opalite is actually formed in several ways. 1) By infusing high quality glass with a milky lemon blue colouring to produce the lovely soft opalescent effect we see in the finished product. 2) Layers of glass are laid down with metal oxide between the layers and then the whole lot is bonded together. In this case, it is the iron oxide that causes light hitting the Opalite to diffract and produce the 'opalescence'. These are the commonest methods although it is possible to come across imitation opal stones made from resin or 'polystyrene latex'. In addition to these, imitation opals are made using a form of man-made glass known as Slocum Stone which gives a play of colour. Another way is to hollow out rock crystal and fill it with chips of Opal and coloured plastic. The French manufacturers Gilson in 1973, developed a form of Opal using silica spheres.

Because of its relatively recent appearance and due to it being manufactured, we are not aware of any mythical connections or legends with Opalite. 

Opalite Properties

Opalite (Sea glass opal) may be man made but is nevertheless a stone of love. It is a very gentle, calming stone and is ideal to have in your work space or in situations that may be difficult or tense. This stone can help us to achieve our goals and to be successful, particularly in business. This is of course, as long as our intentions are good.

Opalite is good for meditation and can also enhance our psychic abilities. It can increase communication abilities at all levels, and especially on the spiritual level.

First aid -  Opalite is said to help the following situations and problems:

Improves communication

Helps us to air or put across to others our feelings

Sexual problems and dysfunction (helps one enjoy sex - reduces sexual inhibitions)

Dissolves energy blockages

Helps us emotionally - heals at the emotional level

Stabilises mood swings

Reduces depression

Calms and reassures

Helps meditaion

Reduces fatigue

Allows /helps us to slow down

Good for the blood

Helps the kidneys

Strengthens our determination and perseverance

Promotes and reinforces our belief in ourselves


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